10 tons of grain dryer settled in Xinning and announced the localization of rice production to realize mechanization

With the 10-ton grain dryer settled in Xinning, Hunan, it is indicated that the rice production in Xinning County will be the first in the whole city to realize mechanization, that is, the rice production can be applied in five links such as cultivation, planting, plant protection, harvesting, and drying. Mechanization technology.
With the implementation of the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, the Xinning County Agricultural Machinery Bureau has introduced and promoted advanced and applicable agricultural machinery as an important measure to reduce the burden on peasants and implement the central benefit agriculture policy, setting off an upsurge in farmers' purchase of grain. A large number of economically applicable agricultural machinery have entered millions of households. The county's early, middle and late rice planting areas reached 245,000 mu, 50,000 mu and 255,000 mu respectively. The county's farming level was 70%, the machine harvest level was 37.5%, the machine irrigation level was 35.9%, and the machine insertion area was 2,500 mu. The traditional mode of rice production has begun to advance towards modern agriculture that “does not use cattle for planting, plant seedlings, bow, plant and grow without crops”.

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