Changchai builds employment base for Jiangsu college graduates

Changchai Company was identified by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Personnel as the "Jiangsu Provincial College graduates employment training base" and was officially listed in recent days. At present, there are only 2 graduates of graduates from provincial colleges and universities in Changzhou.

The provincial probation base is designed to help unemployed college graduates to improve their employment skills and achieve employment as soon as possible. This is approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Personnel Department. The employer of the employment training base must have a good social reputation, a reasonable number, and a suitable college graduation. Student job placement needs, the ability to provide graduates with guidance for university graduates, and the ability to effectively manage college graduates as required.

Changchai will, in accordance with the requirements of the Jiangsu Provincial Personnel Department, establish a provincial apprenticeship base as a link to further strengthen cooperation and contacts between universities and employers. At the same time, both parties will establish bases for the practice of university graduates, transform research achievements, and organize technological research. We will promote all-round cooperation in the integration of production, education and research.

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