Five new products of forging machine company passed provincial appraisal

On August 13th, in the provincial capital Lanzhou, organized by Gansu Provincial Economic Commission, Tianshui City Economic Commission hosted, invited experts to evaluate and accept the five new products developed by Tianshui Forging Machine Co., Ltd. The appraisal committee believes that: “BGPT—40/1422×18500 steel pipe flat head machine”, “Y93—4000/1626 steel pipe hydraulic testing machine”, “TDY44—50×1422/12200 steel pipe straightening machine”, “XBT-4600 high speed” Five new product technologies, such as steel plate milling machine and Y45-1600/5000×6000 gantry mobile hydraulic press, have reached the domestic leading level. The above five new products have obtained and are declared 28 national patents. Its products are widely used in oil and gas pipeline transportation and other fields.

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