Improper "recruitment" does not refund training fees?

Seeing the advertisement said that the dry crew can earn at least $500 a month, and Mr. Gu of Taian handed over a training fee of 15,000 yuan. He wanted to run the "Seafarer's Certificate" and was forced to become a "recruitment." Yesterday, the law enforcement officers of the Zhanshan Institute of Industry and Commerce helped Mr. Gu to return 15,000 yuan.

Forced to be a "recruitment"

"I can't help them to deceive people first." The morning before yesterday, Mr. Gu went to the Zhanshan Chamber of Commerce and Industry to complain that he saw a ship service company in Shandong Road playing a job advertisement, saying that he would recruit international cargo ship seafarers, and he could train and handle it. The Crew Service Book and the Seafarer's Certificate are then responsible for employment placement. After getting on board, the crew will not only receive a monthly income of 500 to 900 US dollars, but also enjoy medical insurance benefits such as medical insurance.

"I paid 1.5 million yuan according to what they said, but there has been no training." Mr. Gu said that he felt that he might be deceived and planned to return this 15,000 yuan. But this company actually asked Mr. Gu to introduce five students first, otherwise no refund will be given. What he did not expect was that he did not get the "Seafarer's Certificate" when he paid the money. Instead, he became the admissions representative of the company. The company also prepared a "recruitment" certificate for him to recruit students in the Tai'an area.

The illegal company returned 15,000 yuan
The investigation of law enforcement personnel of Zhanshan Institute of Industry and Commerce found that the business scope of the business license of Shandong Ship Road Co., Ltd. was “ship management consulting, maritime information consultation”. They recruited international freighter seafarers without intermediary or agency qualification. Taking high salaries as bait, suspected of contract fraud. Yesterday afternoon, the industrial and commercial personnel ordered the company to refund Mr. Gu's training fee of 15,000 yuan and continue to investigate the case.

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