Successful test of the first set of tire infrared heating system in China

The infrared heating system of tire roller independently developed by Xugong Technology passed the application test in August 2007 at the Shenqiu section of the Zhoujie Expressway in Henan. The test results show that the various indexes of the infrared heating system have reached the domestic leading level and are fully adapted to the needs of domestic highway construction.
As the largest tire roller in China with the largest compacted tonnage, XP302 tire roller has strong static pressure and superior compaction performance, and has the advantage of large grounding specific pressure to ensure compaction quality. The tire infrared heating system of the machine adopts an intelligent far-infrared heating device for anti-denaturing heating of asphalt. When working, the device heats the working device of the tire roller, the tire, to a certain temperature to realize It does not stick to asphalt during high temperature operation and can achieve automatic temperature control. At the same time, in the road compaction operation, the process of sprinkling water is eliminated, no water is infiltrated, and the compacted surface is obtained by the compacted road surface. Moreover, the system has a high degree of intelligence, simple operation and large safety factor, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve the compaction quality and service life of the asphalt pavement.
The success of the tire infrared heating system test indicates that the company's tire roller has truly mastered the water-free compaction technology and further enhanced the core competitiveness of the domestic tire roller.

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