Ms. Qing Qingyi, a married woman, has been sentenced to one year in prison for big brides

Ms. Qing Qingyi married woman was guilty of being convicted and sentenced to one year in prison for bigamy diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2010-08-21

After Qing married a married woman and her husband gave birth to her daughter, she secretly cohabited with another man and gave birth to a boy. Not only that, she also went through marriage procedures with her lover. After the woman’s husband became aware of her, she was furious and went to court to sue her wife. The wife was sentenced by the court for bigamy. Recently, Kafu filed a divorce suit with the court.
Xiao Liu and Xiao Shi were introduced into marriage after being introduced by others and registered in March 2003. One year later, they gave birth to a daughter. However, what happened to her husband, Xiao Liu, was that in November 2007, his wife Xiao Shi actually lived outside of the family and lived with another man in the trabecular lifestyle on the grounds of going out to work. He gave birth in August 2008. boy. After that, in order to achieve the purpose of keeping up with Xiaoliang's appearance, Xiao Shi actually concealed the fact that he was married. In September 2008, he went to the marriage registration office together with Xiao Liang to complete the marriage registration.
There was no airtight wall in the world. Soon after, her husband Xiao Liu learned about his wife’s relationship with others. After he had mastered the relevant evidence, he angered and filed a criminal private prosecution in the court. In December 2009, Xiao Shiyuan was sentenced to a fixed term of one year by the Minqing County People's Court for the crime of bigamy.
Xiao Liu believes that Xiao Shi’s bigamy crime seriously hurts her husband’s feelings, and she cannot forgive his wife’s betrayal. As a result, he filed a separate divorce suit with the court while serving his sentence, and asked the defendant to pay a compensation of RMB 10,000 for his mental damage. After the judge went to the detention center to solicit the opinions of Xiao Shi, he conducted a pre-trial mediation between the two parties. After hard work to persuade the two parties to reach a mediation agreement: the original and the defendant voluntarily divorced simultaneously. Xiao Shi paid a one-time compensation to the plaintiff, Xiao Liu, for mental damage to solatium 1000. yuan.
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