Break through the "short board" to enhance competitiveness Bei Ben Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd.

In the first quarter, China North Industries Group's machine group Beiben Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. signed a total of 10,263 effective contracts, and sales revenue reached 2.7 billion yuan. Only Beiben heavy truck series 60-ton widebody vehicles sold 80 vehicles, and 60 will follow. Sent to users one after another, becoming a new economic growth point for Bei Ben heavy trucks.
Bei Ben heavy truck 60 tons wide body car is the company's demand for the heavy truck market and more intense market competition, after two years of development of new products. This product is not only strong bearing capacity, high security, strong power, but also easy to maintain, it is a product that can fully meet all kinds of non-road transportation such as mines, plumbers and large-scale projects, and has a very high cost performance. At present, it has been sold to Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Yunnan, and exported to Myanmar. At the same time, the company's 70-ton wide-body vehicle prototype has also been offline, and will soon undergo prototype test, which will further enrich and improve the Beiben heavy truck product lineage and expand the future development space for Beiben Heavy Duty Truck.
As one of the pillar industries of the group company and one of the five business segments, Bei Ben Heavy Duty Trucks, in order to ensure the completion of this year's production and sales of more than 40,000 units of the entire vehicle, with an operating income of more than RMB 12 billion, adhered to the growth strategy and unwaveringly, “adjusting the structure, The business principles of “Foundation, Risk Prevention, and Quality Improvement” have not been shaken, and they have focused on improving the capability of scientific and technological innovation, market development, and improving the quality of development. They have been trying hard to subdivide market segments, improve product lines, and continue to adapt to the market and share. In the marketing mode, the company advocates “service marketing concept” and provides customers with a sales solution centered on logistics solutions. It shifts from the traditional marketing model to the “business” model to construct a user value chain to obtain a profit source and use its own unique The "Site Service" wins customers. Wherever the car is sold, where the maintenance personnel follow, to retain existing users with services, to develop potential customers with services, to develop new markets with services, and to expand market share with services.

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