Nanchang Changbei Airport fire-fighting device emits gas due to passengers touch buttons

Nanchang Changbei Airport fire-fighting device emits gas due to passengers accidentally touching the button diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-04-18

“Nanchang Changbei Airport Terminal is on fire. Look at the pictures!” On the morning of April 18, some netizens broke the news at the Dajiang Forum and Weibo. According to the map, a waiting room at a foreign airport in Changbei, Nanchang, was smoggy and said that it might be on fire. Now. Later, Dajiang Network reporter confirmed that the fog was actually caused by a fire-fighting sensor device in the terminal building that was emitting fire-fighting gas. The site did not catch fire. According to the current situation, preliminary determination of the cause of the accident is caused by the passenger touching the fire alarm button in error.
At 10:11 a.m. this morning, the A2 fire-fighting sensor at the T2 terminal of the foreign airport in Changbei, Nanchang, alerted the fire-fighting system. The fire-extinguishing gas was sprayed on the 202 terminal, causing fog in the airport terminal. There was no open flame at the site. After the incident, the airport started emergency procedures in a timely manner and opened the terminal exhaust system at 10:13. At 10:40, the fire extinguishing gas in the terminal building was discharged.
It is reported that the gas emitted from the fire-fighting sensor device is a hot aerosol and is harmless to the human body. During the incident, the airport was operating normally and did not have any impact on passenger travel. According to the current situation, the cause of the preliminary determination of the incident was caused by passengers touching the fire alarm button in error.
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