The old man riding a bike across the road was killed by the accident car

Grandpa rides a bike across the road and is killed by an accident-handling vehicle. Diesel generators | Diesel generators price / 2012-04-18

At about 10 o'clock this morning, a car accident occurred on the Jiangan River Bridge at the second section of Lin Gang Road (Chengdu), killing one person.
When the reporter arrived, he saw the scene was a mess, the bicycle was knocked over, and the contents of the car were scattered all over the place, which was a sign of the mishap of a car accident. The body of the old man was covered by black cloth. Blood on the ground was shocking and his relatives burned paper.
According to an insider, the deceased, Wu Grandpa, 63 years old, cleaned public toilets in the neighborhood. Before the incident, he just bought food from the market and was ready to go back to work. He ran into the road when he crossed the road on the bridge. A white accident handling vehicle caused tragedy.
At present, the police have arrived at the scene of a car accident to handle the accident and maintain the order at the scene. The driver has been under the control of the police. The specific reasons are also under investigation.
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