Laser detector system successfully developed

Laser detector system successfully developed Today's standard inspection equipment has a single function and cannot fully test the performance of laser detectors. For this reason, Beijing Sunbond Instrument has developed a laser detector detection system that fully detects the functions and targets of laser detectors. For the first time, accurate simulation of spatial frequency-encoded laser fields has been achieved. The system is suitable for a variety of beam guidance laser detectors, and can also be used for simulation of various laser information fields.

In the inspection of laser detectors, the traditional equipment is bulky and inconvenient to use. It can only be manually measured and recorded. The reliability of the test data is poor. The equipment has a single function and cannot accurately simulate the laser field, and it is impossible to fully perform the performance of the detector. Tests; each instrument traces its source separately, the use is expensive, and the detection efficiency is extremely low.

In order to fully improve the detection efficiency, Beijing Sunbond Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. developed a "laser detector system" (laser information field simulation system), which integrates optical, mechanical, electronic and software algorithms, and uses laser communication technology. Driving beam guidance principle, testing the function of the laser detector and various indicators. The system has functions such as information light field simulation, interference light simulation, and optical power monitoring and control. It can establish a simulated light environment and test the laser receiver and the electronic device at the same time.

The system includes a laser light source and an interference light source, and is equipped with a variable-range optical power meter. When the laser receiver is tested, the laser light source is used in combination with the acousto-optic modulator to simulate the light field, and the xenon lamp is used to create an interference light field. The performance of the laser receiver is tested in a simulated light environment. The xenon lamp applies light interference to the receiver, and its output power density adjustment range is 0~2500 W/m2.

The system can test all properties of the laser information field. It can simulate the spatial frequency coded laser field and simulate the position of the laser receiver in the laser field in frequency form. The frequency of light can be continuously changed, and its speed of change can be adjusted.

Engineers designed dedicated metering software, the test data is real and reliable, and can be traced to the whole. The system has a high degree of automation, can automatically measure, automatically store data, automatically generate reports, and is user-friendly.

The system has an electronic device information reading function, which can read the output voltage of the electronic device, convert it into position information according to the voltage, and manually input the conversion method. The power density of the emitted light can be accurately measured, and the waveform of the emitted light power is displayed in real time. The measurement error of the optical power density is ±6%FS, and the frequency accuracy of the modulation signal is ±0.5%FS.

The optical transmission system also has a sweep function that can test the amplitude-frequency response characteristics of the laser receiver. The test system can generate the required excitation signals for each unit component and can test the response output signals of each unit component.

This system has been successfully applied to a certain location in Shanxi Province and has overturned the previous mode of detecting a simple performance using complex equipment. It has made it possible to detect a number of performances of a single device, providing detection of various performance indicators for laser receivers, electronic devices and amplifiers. Reliable protection. For the first time, the system accurately simulates the spatial frequency coded laser field, which has a guiding role in domestic laser simulation research.

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