Sukumi Potassium Nitrate Realizes Fertigation

The reporter recently learned from Hebei Jitai Fertilizer Industry Co., Ltd. that the Sukumi potassium nitrate introduced and promoted by the company can be 100% soluble in water and can be combined well with irrigation fertilization technology to increase fertilizer while saving water resources. Utilization rate reduces farmers' fertilizer costs.
According to reports, irrigation and fertilization technology is a new agricultural technology, and it is recognized as the best technology for improving the utilization of water and fertilizer resources today. It mainly uses a new type of micro-irrigation system to input fertilizers into the roots of agricultural crops together with irrigation fertilizers. It can precisely control the amount of irrigation water, fertilization amount, irrigation and fertilization time, reduce irrigation water and fertilizer input, and improve water supply. Utilization of resources and fertilizers.
Using fertigation techniques, the variety and quality of fertilizers are critical, requiring that the fertilizer must be of an instant type, and that the water-solubility is better, which is beyond the reach of conventional conventional fertilizers. Due to the unique quality of Sagomi potassium nitrate, it can reach 100% full water solubility and contain high quality nitrogen and potassium. The nitrogen source is nitrate nitrogen, which is the preferred nitrogen source for nitrogen fertilizer. Without any conversion, the crop can be directly absorbed and the effect is quick. The utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer can be increased by 20%.