Domestic new standards for decorative plastic doors, windows and profiles are coming soon

Beijing, China: At present, the standards for the production, strength, and quality of decorative plastic doors and windows in China are still in use in the GB/T8814-1998 standard developed in the 1990s. With the development and improvement of industry, market, and production skill levels, this standard is no longer relevant. Adapt to the rapidly developing industry situation. For this reason, the Plastics Branch of the National Product Standardization Technical Committee re-revised this standard and obtained approval from the relevant state authorities. Therefore, the new standard for plastic window profiles in China will be fully implemented.
At present, China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of decorative plastic doors and windows. Compared with the old standard, the new standard has greatly improved with the international standards. The main differences are: First, the bending elastic modulus of the profile is increased, from the original 1960 standard volume to the 2200 standard volume; Second, the profile is graded according to the climate in the area of ​​use. Among them, the drop hammer impact on the H-profile was improved from the original 1 meter to 1.5 meters under the condition that the weight of the drop hammer and the radius of the hammer head were constant. This means that the drop impact strength is increased by 50%, so that the resistance of the profile to the embrittlement fault in the specific climatic region is greatly enhanced, the safety of the plastic door and window is greatly improved, and thirdly, the aging time of the plastic profile is prolonged. Now. Once this product standard is reached, it will greatly extend and enhance the service life of plastic doors and windows.