How to properly handle the thermal deformation of CNC cutting machine

Many customers often encounter such a problem: the thermal deformation of the CNC cutting machine. In fact, the thermal deformation of CNC cutting machines is a common problem in flame cutting and plasma cutting. Many companies will choose to control and grasp the cutting process when dealing with this problem, in order to reduce the impact of cutting hot deformation caused by torch walking. This method is currently the best solution, but our follow-up survey of multiple users found that there are other ways to control the thermal deformation of the CNC cutting machine. Let me explain in detail to our customers:
First, control the rapid rise in temperature.
In the actual cutting process of the CNC cutting machine, due to the uneven heating and cooling of the steel plate, the internal stress of the material will cause the workpiece to be cut to have different degrees of bending or shifting ---- namely, cutting thermal deformation, and the concrete performance It is the shape distortion and cutting size deviation. Since the internal stress of the material cannot be balanced and completely eliminated, only some measures can be taken to try to reduce the thermal deformation.
After taking a series of measures to reduce heat sources, the situation of thermal deformation will be improved. The more effective method is to force cooling in the fever part of the CNC plasma cutting machine tool, or through the heating method in the machine tool's low temperature department, so that the temperature of each point of the machine tool tends to be consistent, which can reduce the warpage caused by the temperature difference. But to completely eliminate this problem is very difficult, so only by controlling the temperature rise to reduce the impact of heat sources. Because of the left-right symmetry, the main axis of the double-column mechanism is not only deformed in the vertical direction but also deformed in other directions. The vertical axis movement can be easily compensated by a coordinate correction amount.
Second, the surface of the steel plate is treated.
Usually the steel plate reaches the cutting shop through a series of intermediate links from the steel mill. During this time, the surface of the steel plate will inevitably produce a scale. In this case, the steel plate also produces a layer of scale that adheres to the surface of the steel plate during rolling. These oxides have a high melting point, are not easy to burn and dissolve, increase the preheating time, reduce the cutting speed, and at the same time, the oxide scale splashes easily after heating. This can easily block the cutting nozzle of the CNC cutting machine and reduce the use of cutting nozzles. Life, therefore, before cutting, it is necessary to pre-treat the surface of the steel plate.
The common method is shot blasting, followed by paint rust prevention, which is to use fine shot blasting shot blasting machine to the surface of the steel plate, rely on the impact of iron sand on the steel plate to remove oxide scale, and then spray flame retardant, good conductivity anti-rust paint .
Thirdly, to improve the internal structure of the machine tool Similarly, under the premise of fever, the machine tool mechanism also has a great influence on thermal deformation. The structure should also reduce the distance between the center of the main shaft and the main axial surface as much as possible to reduce the total amount of thermal deformation. At the same time, the forward and backward temperature rise of the main shaft box should be consistent to prevent the main shaft from tilting after deformation. This can minimize the effect of hot deformation of the spindle on the machining diameter. In addition, the thermal source of thermal deformation caused by the fever inside the CNC flame cutting machine should be separated from the host. The thermal deformation of the shaft occurs in the vertical direction where the torch cuts. Single-column mechanisms such as those used in CNC flame cutting machines may be replaced by two-column mechanisms.
The thermal deformation of CNC cutting machine can not be avoided, thermal cutting will certainly emit heat, what we can do is to reduce the occurrence of this situation. The majority of customers should learn more about this knowledge, regulate the manipulation, and reduce the impact of possible thermal deformation.
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