Insulation parts experiment for outdoor vacuum equipment improvement

Insulation parts experiment for outdoor vacuum equipment improvement
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At present, SMC insulation parts have good performance in dimensional accuracy, shape complexity, surface quality control, plus the manufacturer has accumulated rich experience in mold design and processing technology. Therefore, considering the use of SMC insulation parts to solve the vacuum interrupter insulation support, this made a major change to the insulation support structure of the original ZWI-10 vacuum circuit breaker, that is, to change the original open support to semi-closed support The final body method is to cover the vacuum interrupter in an insulating frame, and the static end of the vacuum interrupter is rigidly connected to the insulating frame through the conductive element, so that the conductive element can be minimized and maximized under the premise of ensuring reliable conduction. Simple, while ensuring the mechanical stability of the vacuum interrupter static end support. At the other end of the insulating frame is mounted a guide element. The moving element conductive rod and its transmission parts of the vacuum interrupter are supported by the guide element. After the improved insulation support system, the insulating rod made of epoxy glass cloth rods was replaced by an insulating frame made of unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced molding material (ie, SMC insulation). The creepage distance along the surface reached 362mm, and the creepage distance was 3Om. kV, this not only increases the creepage distance along the insulation support of the vacuum interrupter, and achieves the anti-condensation effect, but also strengthens the phase insulation of the vacuum interrupter and the insulation of certain high voltage points to the ground, and improves the vacuum circuit breaker. The insulation reliability of the device has a good practical effect.

Test situation

(l) Insulation test ZWI-10 outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker after insulation modification. In the lmin power frequency withstand voltage test, the test voltage is 42kV without breakdown. In the actual test process, the research test is done with the power frequency lmin test voltage 48kV without flashover breakdown. Taking into account the composite insulation structure, organic insulation materials are easily damaged under high voltage, so according to the provisions of GB1984-1989, the industrial frequency of 42kV voltage test is also applied.

(2) Mechanical test Since the insulation support of the vacuum interrupter was improved during the transformation, the mechanical parameters of the modified ZWI-10 outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker were tested. The test results meet the requirements of the product standard, and the product was tested for mechanical reliability. In the test, the insulation support was not damaged and loosened. The mechanical parameters after the test did not change much and were within the allowable range of product standards.

(3) The test data of the loop resistance of the modified ZW Bu 10 outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker also meets the requirements of product standards.

(4) After the trial operation, the ZWI-10 outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker has been transformed. Since 198, the rural power distribution system in Sanshui and Gaoming, Guangdong Province, has been put into trial operation in the south hot and humid regions of the country. Good response, no power failure due to insulation flashover. 5 Conclusion Through the transformation of ZWI-ro-type outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker insulation, the weight of the transformed ZWI-10 outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is reduced, realizing a true oil-free operation, no pollution, and reliable insulation. High-quality, easy-to-install and debug, inexpensive and high-quality products for the automation of distribution network.

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