High mud tungsten ore beneficiation process

Some people have suggested: How to use a hydraulic concentrator ?
Engage in mineral processing, desilting is always in the first place. The mud is high and easy to pull the ditch, which affects the sorting.
The basic process is as follows:
Water gun clear water pump + diesel engine High mud tungsten ore slurry pool coarse screen mesh sand pump 150m 3 /h + diesel engine hydraulic screening machine (1200t / d)
Mud Tungsten slurry slurry sedimentation tank hydraulic power supply tank Shenqing water hydraulic concentrator waste rock slurry slurry tungsten carbide concentrate leakage chute waste stone Shenqing pool Shenqing water process description: clear water pump to water gun, hydraulic feed bin, hydraulic concentrator water supply; sand pump will The slurry is pumped into the hydraulic screening machine; the hydraulic screening machine de-sludges and grades, and the tungsten ore slurry and mud are produced; the tungsten ore slurry is hydraulically fed into the hydraulic concentrator to produce the tungsten concentrate and the waste rock slurry; the waste stone slurry Filtration through the leakage chute to produce waste rock and waste water; wastewater and mud respectively enter the sedimentation tank to precipitate, produce clean water, enter the clear water tank, and return to use.
Need parameters: 1, raw ore composition%; 2, tungsten stone traits; 3, ore size distribution; 4, tungsten particle size distribution; 5, waste rock particle size distribution; 6, soil content.

1. main production varieties: soft and hard biscuits.
2. The whole production line has high automation and less manpower, the whole line length is 128 meters (oven can be lengthened).
3. PLC and touch screen control, different parts are controlled separately.
4. provide free technical support, including production formula technology, mechanical deployment technology and training workers;
5. Output: 35000 tablets per hour (actual output depends on the length of the oven), 10 grams per tablet (can be prepared according to customer requirements).

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