Demand to move John Deere to release the first small digging and deepen the Chinese market

With the “13th Five-Year Plan” stepping into a deepening year, the steady advancement of China’s economy and the continuous advancement of a large number of key national construction projects will inject constant momentum into China’s construction machinery industry, which is recovering and recovering, and the sales of construction machinery equipment will also stabilize. Warm up phenomenon. According to the data, in the first half of 2017, the cumulative sales of excavators nationwide exceeded the full year of 2016 and grew by 100.5% year-on-year. Among the total excavator sales, sales of small excavators accounted for as much as 50%. John Deere, a world-renowned top 500 engineering machinery equipment manufacturer, has been deeply cultivating the Chinese market since entering China. In order to enrich the excavator product line more comprehensively, Deere needs to move and timely launch the first 10-ton small Dig the product E140 LC.

Market demand for small excavators is booming

At present, some urban construction projects are no longer the major projects of “big demolition and construction,” but are transformed into “small works” such as municipal construction and road network reconstruction, and miniaturized earthwork construction needs to be more flexible. Engineering equipment, which is the best place for a small excavator. In municipal construction, the small dig volume is relatively small, with high flexibility and wide adaptability.

On the other hand, with the gradual advancement of new urbanization in China and the increase in the construction of farmland water conservancy projects, it will also have a certain stimulatory effect on the market for small digging, and this stimulatory effect has gradually emerged several years ago. In construction sites such as urbanization construction, new rural construction, house reconstruction, and farmland water conservancy renovation, because of the relatively narrow space available for maneuvering, large and medium-sized excavators cannot effectively construct the above-mentioned sites, and the small excavators are in these conditions. Can release the flexibility to the best.

From the perspective of consumers, the investment of small excavators has the characteristics of less investment, faster return cycle, and less risk of capital compared to the investment of large-scale and medium-sized excavators. More and more rational users begin to focus their investment on small scale investment. excavator.

Deere Heavy Launches First Small Dig - E140 LC

约翰迪尔首款10吨级挖掘机产品E140 LC
John Deere's first 10-ton excavator E140 LC

It is not difficult to see that the high-quality small excavators on the market are in a state of “high demand”, and the industry also needs small and reliable products with reliable quality. John Deere, a well-known construction machinery and equipment manufacturer and a Fortune 500 company, launched the first 10-ton excavator E140 LC. The Deere excavator products cover 10 tons, 20 tons and 30 tons across the board. The product system is more complete and reflects John Deere's determination and confidence in deepening the Chinese market.

The E140 LC excavator is equipped with a mature and stable John Deere PowerTechTM 4045 four-cylinder 4.5-liter diesel engine with a power of 84 kilowatts, which is in line with China's third-phase emission standard for non-road machinery. The engine uses the wet cylinder liner in the same grade to extend the overhaul cycle, and also makes the maintenance easier and faster. It matches the variable speed fan and can achieve better fuel economy; the E140 LC vehicle hydraulic system adopts Electro-hydraulic control of high-power hydraulic pumps and advanced intelligent positive flow control systems are perfectly matched to John Deere engines to optimize power transmission and improve overall control and operating efficiency.

约翰迪尔用户操作E140 LC进行工况作业
John Deere users operate the E140 LC for operating conditions

The E140 LC operating system offers three optional operating modes. The system automatically optimizes and matches lifting, breaking, and other accessories to help operators achieve better productivity. In the actual excavation operation, the operator can also make full use of four power modes and more gear throttle knobs to better achieve the preferences and balance of production capacity and fuel efficiency for different working conditions. In addition, an optional dedicated hydraulic breaker line and control kit can effectively self-protect the hydraulic system and provide powerful and lasting power for the breaker. At the same time, it has reliable and durable structural parts, hydraulic systems, and chassis related parts. The whole vehicle electrical system industry is leading. The adoption of solid-state electronic circuits has greatly reduced the use of relays and wiring harnesses, greatly improving the reliability and durability, and enabling more precise hydraulic control and smarter on-board diagnostics.

Deere launched the E140 LC, which has won wide acclaim from dealers around Deere. Deere distributors in Central China, East China, South China, Southwest China, and Northwest China all stated that Deere’s 10-ton small-digging product better meets the requirements of the purchase of municipal customers for construction, urban construction, and farmland irrigation. Such as a number of construction needs, the product's excellent quality and mature after-sales service will be a strong guarantee for the best-selling Deere products.

It is not difficult to find that although the E140 LC is positioned at a 10-ton product, Deere has always been pursuing its ingenuity. The 20-ton advantage is well maintained on the E140 LC, allowing users to operate 10-ton equipment and enjoy 20-ton quality. . "Enjoy the heart, practice in the line", the introduction of 10 tons of small-digging products is Deere's desire to customers, and strive to further explore the Chinese market. (This article comes from John Deere)

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