How to Integrate Vacuum Pumps and Pumps in China Pump Industry Network

The role of the check valve: "Water pump impeller is not closed" means that the pump water inlet pipe and the outlet pipe gas should be connected before the water pump does not suck up the water, that is, a connected device, and the stationary communicating device will make each liquid level flat Qi, in order to prevent the water flowing down the water pipe until the liquid level is even, a check valve was added. Self-priming pump vacuum absorption principle: Assuming that the pump inlet connected to a sealed container, there is sufficient water in the container, start from the suction pump, the water is thrown out of the pump body by the water impeller, the sealed container at the inlet is extracted due to water A vacuum chamber is formed. Assuming that the vacuum chamber is in communication with a source of water exposed to atmospheric pressure, water enters the "vacuum chamber" under atmospheric pressure. Please pay attention to China Pump Industry Network Zibo Boshan Yanshan Submersible Pump Factory

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