Marine monitoring weapon shallow sea "white dragon" buoy successfully developed

It is always one of the difficulties of ocean observation that the shallow sea sea surface meteorology and all deep hydrological fixed point observation and data real-time return.

Recently, on the basis of the original deep-sea "Bailong" buoy, researchers at the Oceanographic and Climate Research Center of the First Institute of Oceanography of the State Oceanic Administration have developed a shallow sea model suitable for shallow-sea ocean hydrological and meteorological observation through design innovation and technological breakthroughs "White Dragon" buoy.

The buoy can not only observe the sea surface temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, rainfall, longwave and shortwave radiation and other parameters, but also by inductively coupled transmission technology, real-time acquisition of the ocean surface to the bottom of the sea water temperature, salinity, Elements. The collected field data can be sent to the shore station in real time through Iridium, for real-time processing and sharing.

At 10:00 on July 19, the shallow-sea "Bailong" buoy was carried by the Xianghong-81 survey ship and was successfully deployed in the central Yellow Sea (123.5 ° E, 36 ° N). The diurnal variation of the Yellow Sea cold water mass at that station was obtained On-site hydrological and meteorological data and return in real time. The next day, the buoys were successfully recycled.

The successful development of the shallow-sea "Bailong" buoy has further enhanced the hydrological and meteorological observation capabilities in shallow water in China, and provided important technical support for the real-time monitoring of shallow-sea oceans and the improvement of the precision of ocean forecasting.

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