Emerson independently developed digital remote control valve controller

Emerson Fisher® FieldVUE ™ DVC6205 Discrete Stroke Sensing and Control Unit Designed to Meet Extreme Temperature and Vibration Valve Needs. Emerson's Fisher FISHER FIELDVUEDVC6205 Remote Mount Digital Valve Controller has proven to be difficult or impossible to install as a result of accessibility, extreme temperatures (up to 120 ° C / 250 ° F), extreme vibration or confined spaces Application of the ideal solution. Often, industries such as pulp and paper and nuclear are even more keen to separate the valve-mounted instrumentation from the harsh environment, and the DVC6205 digital valve controller only requires valve position feedback on the control valve, for the remaining components In a more stable and accessible environment (up to 300 feet). The remote valve mount feedback device leverages the patented FIELDVUE linkless, contactless technology that eliminates direct stem-to-instrument contact. This means that there is no need to worry about the connecting rod wear, relaxation, corrosion or vibration, so the feedback device can adapt to the extreme operating environment throughout the plant. With over one million FIELDVUE digital valve controllers installed worldwide, the unmatched valve operability is the perfect choice for every harsh processing environment. The DVC6200 Series is certified for CSA, IECEx, ATEX and FM Hazardous Areas and other certifications and is also listed by Lloyd's Register as suitable for industrial, marine and offshore applications.