Drinking water UV sterilizer

I produced Drinking Water UV Sterilizer (hereinafter referred to as ultraviolet disinfection) working principle is to use a wavelength of 225nm-275nm UV role in the killing of microorganisms for the water to be purified. When water flows through the disinfection by ultraviolet light, water, bacteria is killed. First, the product features: 1, ultraviolet disinfection sterilization speed, the effect does not change the water physical and chemical properties do not increase the water taste and odor, no carcinogenic chloroform, once installed, easy to operate, easy management. 2, UV sterilizer cylinder using high-quality food grade stainless steel plate processing, service life is 5-10 times that of aluminum products, high pressure, metal ion contamination. 3, UV germicidal lamp selection of the identified state health departments, epidemic prevention departments of professional products, low-voltage 30w, main lines 235.7nm, the highest rate of this wavelength ultraviolet disinfection, more than 98%, and low power consumption, continuous service life of up to 3,000 hour or more. 4, and electrical control box with one design, appearance, save space.