Senco Type Five Corrugated Fasteners X Series

Model NO.: X04 X06 X08 X10
Specification: CROWN: 24.8mm THICKNESS: 0.5mm
Origin: China
HS Code: 7317000000
We are the manufacturers of corrugated fastener/joint pins/wood joiners used in plywood flush doors, wooden frames, etc. These are available in different sizes 3/8", 1/2", 5/8",3/4" in bulk production. Very high quality hard and sharp to easily pierce into wood.
 Corrugated nail is widely applied in the corner frame frame connection, the joining together of wood, solid wood furniture tenon reinforcement, crack wood repair purposes.Corrugated nail edge to chisel, and can be easily into the wood, and form a certain Angle between the wave, can put the wood clamping, eliminate the gap, is the other nail could not do it!
Mainly used for docking board, splicing, corner connection, such as sofa framework skeleton, real wood door, solid wood, furniture, etc
X Series Corrugated Fasteners
Fit tools of SENCO SC2,and most 25mm crown corrugated tools in the market
X04 1/4" 6.0mm 8000 4
X06 3/8" 9.5mm 5000 4
X08 1/2" 12.2mm 4000 4
X10 5/8" 14.4mm 3400 4
Senco Type Five Corrugated Fasteners X SeriesSenco Type Five Corrugated Fasteners X Series

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