Formed-in-Place Adhesive Sealant Dispensing Equipment

Model NO.: DS-30
3 Axis Effective Stroke: 2250mm(X)*1250mm(Y)*200mm(Z)
Measuring Precision: 0.05mm
Glue Spraying Output: 0.1-5 Gram/S
Gasket Width: 5-30mm
Mixing Ratio: 1:1-10:1
Filter Precision: 40-50 Um
Air Pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa
Working Speed: 0-30 M/Min
Rated Power: 4kw
Voltage: 3 P 5 W 380V 50Hz
Trademark: SME
Transport Package: Plywood Wooden Case
Specification: 250MM(X)*1250MM(Y)*200MM(Z)
Origin: Shanghai China
HS Code: 8479899990
It's mainly used for cabinets, distribution cabinets, explosion proof shell, low ark, automobiles, home appliances, lamps and lanterns ,filters. Etc .various sealing products or parts
Performance Characteristics
1 German technical , independent research on operate control system, adopt intelligent humanity-machine display screen.
2. Using System intelligent operation analogue function to eliminate the machining problem caused by artificial size problem completely in production process;
3. Intelligent low-pressure alarm function to avoid Producing bad products caused by unstable air pressure in the equipment work .
4 Hand-held interface makes operation simple easy,human resource was saved and needs of various customers is satisfied;
5 .The hardware part of the system using America DSP.
Features : 
Simple operation, great saving on cost and time
Efficient productivity, to fulfil market demand
Water as cleaning media, low cost, environmental friendly
Human friendly interface, easily monitor parameter for air pressure, liquid level, etc.
Main Technical Parameter
3 Axis Effective Stroke : 2250MM(X)*1250MM(Y)*200MM(Z)
Measuring Precision: 0.05mm
Glue Spraying Output :0.1-5 gram/s
Gasket Width:5-30mm
Mixing Ratio:1:1-10:1
Filter Precision:40-50 um
Air Pressure:0.5-0.8Mpa
Working Speed:0-30 m/min
Rated Power: 4Kw
Voltage: 3 P 5 W 380V 50Hz
Weight of Machine: 1600Kgs


Technical Parameter




3 Axis Combination

Meter precision



The limited for work pressure and Alarm

0-4 Mpa


Filter precision

0-5 um


Glue Spray Amount

0.05-1.5 g/s


Gasket Width



Mixing Ratio Range


The system will exchange

Traversing Speed

0-20 m/min


Reset Precision



Pressure Requirements



Total Power







380V 3phases 5lins 380V
3 phase 5 linss 380V

Products Details:

Polyurethane Foam Gasket Sealing Dispenser Machine (DS-20)

Polyurethane Foam Gasket Sealing Dispenser Machine (DS-20)

Sample Pictures:
Polyurethane Foam Gasket Sealing Dispenser Machine (DS-20)
Company Profile:

MOTECH Polymer Solutions has been developing and  Manufacturing innovative sealing systems based on  Polyurethane and Silicone. MOTECH systems combine top Quality with exceptionally easy handling. Key Features include Low water Absorption, good adhesion, high long-term Temperature resistance, and a cost-efficient manufacturing  process.
MOTECH Polymer develop, produces and distributes worldwide polymer sealing ,gluing and potting systems on polyurethane, silicon and PVC basis. Their performance is based on the experience of more than thousand formulations . The sealing material is applied onto structural components and modules of OEMs and industrial suppliers by the FIPFG/FIP (Formed-in-Place Foam Gasket/Formed-in-Place) technology
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Polyurethane Foam Gasket Sealing Dispenser Machine (DS-20)

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Formed-in-Place Adhesive Sealant Dispensing Equipment

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Polyurethane Foam Gasket Sealing Dispenser Machine (DS-20)

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