Aluminium Pressure Die Casting (HS-AD-006)

  • Model NO.: HS-AD-006
  • Trade Methods: FOB
  • No. of Employess: 120
  • Company Location: Ningbo
  • Specification: SGS
  • HS Code: 84314990
  • Certificate: ISO9001 Ts16949
  • Delivery Time: 30 Days
  • Payments Methods: L/C, T/T
  • Trademark: HS
  • Origin: Ningbo China
Product Name:

Brass Machining Parts\Precision Machining Parts\CNC parts/CNC machining parts/CNC machined parts/CNC precision parts/CNC precision components/aluminum parts/stainless steel parts/metal parts/precision CNC parts Casting Auto parts -Casted Auto parts- auto brake disc Exhaust Manifold/cylinder cap/Sand casting parts machining casting wheel alu machining parts fittings Agricultural Machining Parts-full machining components alu die casting machined parts cover precision die casting parts
Place of Origin: Ningbo
Lead time: 20-30
FOB port: NingBo
Die casting parts-Cover-Fittings

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1. Material: Stainless steel 304
2. Production process:
. Raw part realised by mixed Japanese lost wax process.
. Weight of posted parts: Kgs
3. QC involved:
. Chemical composition by spectrumeter,
. Microstructure tester after heat treatment.
. Crack by MR detector.
. Dimension can be controlled by CMM.
4. Reports supplied:
. Material certificate
. Mechanical properties
. Dimension report
. CNC machining facilities Japan origin;
. Investment casting/ lost wax casting made by automated line;
. Chemical composition assured by spectrometer;
. Microstructure, Hardness tester, Coating tester, Crake testing can be handled in house;
. Most of our experience accumulate in the different process and in the different material, therefore we often assist customer to do optimizing job both on designing and on cost reduction.

We are China sand casting Machining Parts manufacturer offer best CNC Machining OEM, ODM, service.

@   Stainless  die  casting|  Alloy  die  casting|  Colloidal  Silica  casting|  Custom  casting  parts
@   Accurate  in  reading  drawings  &   Fast  in  delivery  &   Exact  dimension  control  &   100%  quality  control  &   OEM  Service  &   Strict  material  inspection  &   Prompt  quote  &   lead  time  guarantee.
@   1.   Material:
@   Carbon  Steel,   Alloy  Steel,   Stainless  Steel,   Ductile  Iron,   Gray  Iron,   High  Cr  Iron,   High  Mn  Steel  aluminum,   alloy  steel,   brass,   cast  iron  and  cast  steel
@   2.   Delivery  Port:
@   FOB  Ningbo  or  Shanghai,   CIF  XXX,   Transportation  by  Sea
@   3.   Delivery  time:   30~40  days
@   4.   Place  of  origin:   Ningbo,   China
@   5.   Software  for  specification  drawings:
@   PDF,   Auto  CAD,   Solid  work,   JPG,   ProE
@   6.   Main  production  equipments:
@   Wax  injection,   CNC-machine,   machine-center,   Heat  treatment  Furnace
@   7.   Productivity:   20000  ton  /  year
@   8.   Packaging:
@   Wooden  package  after  mandatory  treatment  or  other
@   9.   They  are  using  for  Drilling  rig,   Agricultural  machinery,   Auto  part,   Rail  Wagon,   Train  Truck,   Trailer,   Carriage,   Excavator,   Vessel,   Mining  Machinery,   Valves,   Convey  Machinery,   Forklift,   Backhoe  Loaders  Crane,   Derricks,   Transportation  Equipment,   Compactor,   Grader  blade  pipe  connection  and  others.
@   10.   We  make  precision  casting, investment  casting  and  steel  Sand  Casting  in  Ningbo,   China
@   11.   We  can  do  different  kinds  of  surface  treatment  after  casting,   such  as  machining,   polishing,   and  plating.
@   12.   CNC  Machined  parts  (machining  part  or  machinery  part  or  machined  part),   metal  work  (metal  products)  and  stamping  parts  are  suitable  for  us
@   13.   Export  Markets:   Australia  Investment  Casting;   America,   U. S. A.   United  States  Investment  Casting;   Canada  Investment  Casting;   U. K.   England,   Britain  Investment  Casting;   Germany  Investment  Casting;   France  Investment  Casting;   Italy  Investment  Casting  Spain  Espana  Investment  Casting;   Holand  Investment  Casting  South  Africa  Investment  Casting;   Danmark  Investment  Casting  Sweden  Investment  Casting;   Finland  Investment  Casting
@   Stainless  die  casting
: @   Asia
@   Australasia
@   Central/South  America
@   Eastern  Europe
@   Mid  East/Africa
@   North  America
@   Western  Europe
: South  Africa

Metal Crushing Machine, also known as scrap Metal Crusher Machine, this equipment is to crush the waste metals by applying the impact and shear force and even some grinding force, after processing with the scrap Metal Crusher, the output size usually small iron balls, which is with bigger density, as the volume is largely reduced, then it can be conveniently stored, transported to the smelting factory for casting into plates, ingot, rod and so on. A complete scrap metal crushing system(waste metal recycling plant) mainly consists of belt conveyors, metal crusher, Dust Collector to prevent the dust from entering the factory and the panel control system.

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Metal Crusher

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