Brief Analysis on Installation and Commissioning of Hydraulic Controlled Slow Closed Butterfly Valve

1, lifting After unpacking with a crane lift butterfly valve, lifting should be taken into account in the balance of the four rings of the screw position, to avoid hydraulic oil spill or bump parts. If the valve is kept for a long time, it should be placed in a dry place, closed both ends of the channel, coated with anti-rust oil on the processing surface. Temporary parking can be added at the location of the wall cladding auxiliary support to maintain a stable (fixed installation, according to the stability of the trade-offs). Not installed for six months, the hydraulic system to be cleaned for oil change. 2, Installation Before installation, check whether the nameplate parameters of the butterfly valve which are controlled by the liquid-controlled device are consistent with the requirements of use. Clean the valve body hole and butterfly plate, check the parts for damage, the connection bolts are tightened. The direction of the valve installed with the flow direction installed on the pump outlet or turbine inlet (the valve reverse structure with the transmission mechanism shown in the other side of the pipe), telescopic section at the other end for disassembly. 3, test according to the hydraulic schematic test whether the control valve in the desired location. Connected to the total power, start the motor to observe the motor blades, clockwise rotation, the wiring is correct. According to the instructions to verify in turn open the valve, packing, closing the valve, stop the action and the program and parameters are consistent, the general open, close the valve process has been adjusted according to common conditions, the user if you need to adjust the pump conditions When you can come, letter in my company for calculation and adjustment procedures (also can be made when ordering the parameters, so that my company pre-adjusted). Test to check the pressure changes are normal: no leakage of hydraulic system, the valve shaft seal shall not be leaked. 4, the operation configuration linkage control circuit, and pump operation linked to the operation of empty load verification procedures and parameters. Qualified to enter the above load operation test (dynamic water state), the operation need to check the following: a valve opening process after the valve before the valve pressure changes relatively stable, fully open after the basic similar. b can press the program and pumps, turbine linkage valve. 5, Lubricant control slow closed butterfly valve hydraulic oil HJ-20 # hydraulic oil or HU-22 # turbine oil, oil level should not be less than the mid-line. The filter is cleaned every six months. Hydraulic oil sampling inspection once a year, check its cleanliness and lubricity, if not meet the requirements, it should be replaced. Fuel tank calibration volume of 40 liters. More Keywords Search: Butterfly valve