High-pressure piston pump repair _ High-pressure piston pump Frequently Asked Questions

High pressure piston pump maintenance _ High pressure piston pump often appear in use a variety of problems, to bring a lot of trouble to life. Then how do we discover and eliminate these faults in time? High-pressure piston pump repair - can not start First of all, check the power supply situation: whether the connection is solid or not; whether the switch is in close contact; whether the fuse is blown; whether the three-phase power supply is equal or not. If there is an open circuit, poor contact, the fuse blown, lack of phase, should identify the cause and timely repair. Second check whether the high-pressure plunger pump mechanical failure, common reasons are: packing is too tight or between the impeller and the pump is clogged with debris; pump shaft, bearing rust; severe shaft bending and so on. Remedy: Loose packing, clear diversion trough; open the pump body to remove debris, rust; Remove the pump shaft to correct or replace the new pump shaft. High-pressure piston pump repair - severe vibration Mainly for the following reasons: Electric rotor imbalance; bad coupling; bearing wear and tear; rotating parts of the loose, broken; pipe stent is not strong and other reasons. Can be taken to adjust, repair, reinforcement, straightening, replacement and other methods. The above situation is a common cause of high-pressure piston pump failure, in practice, to deal with failure, due to the actual analysis, we should follow the principle of first outside. High-pressure piston pump repair - Deep-submersible high-pressure piston pump is not on the water or a small amount of water First of all look at the current high-pressure plunger pump current and current operation of the normal difference in how much current. If the running time than usual (basically the usual current of 23), then there is impeller wear, the top of the pump head check valve blockage and other issues. If the current in peacetime is the same, then it is the gasket leakage, pipe leakage, pump leakage and other issues. If the current is greater than usual when running, it is basically OK to wear the problem of wearing parts. In addition, if the cable is broken, the amount of water is the same as usual, but the current will be larger. 3 380V motor current is generally 2.2A. As long as the above reasons are often repaired deep well pump repair staff can be found out. High-pressure piston pump repair - can not absorb water The reason is that there is air in the pump body or inlet gas, or at the end of the valve is not strict Irrigation irrigation dissatisfaction, vacuum pump packing serious leaks, gate valve or rattan closed lax. Remedy: First water pressure up, and then filled with water pump, and then boot. At the same time check the check valve is tight, piping, fittings leaks, such as found leakage, remove the joint at the joints coated with oil or paint, and tighten the screws. Check the high pressure piston shaft oil seal ring, such as serious wear and tear should be replaced by new parts. Piping leaks or leaks. Nuts may not be tightened during installation. If the leakage is not serious, can be smeared in the place of leakage or leakage of cement, or coated with asphalt mixture of cement slurry. Temporary repair can be painted wet mud or soft soap. If the joint leaks, you can use a wrench to tighten the nut, such as serious leakage must be re-disassembly, replacement of cracked pipe; reduce the head, the high-pressure plunger pump nozzle into the water 0.5m. 【Print】 【Close】