The use of electric hydraulic pump and maintenance precautions

Electric hydraulic pump use 1, electric hydraulic pump can be used as a variety of hydraulic equipment hydraulic pump. 2, after the electric hydraulic pump and other hydraulic tools are equipped, it can carry out a lot of work such as lifting, pressing, bending, bending, aligning, shearing, assembling and disassembling. Reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency. Electric hydraulic pump usage Open the bleed nut when using, open the switch on the oil collecting block, plug in the power supply, and fasten the quick connector on the quick head equipped with hydraulic equipment. Press the power switch, until the motor rotates 1-2 minutes, the switch is closed at the supercharged state, the hydraulic oil output at this time will carry out all the work, the output hydraulic oil with the increase of load self-pressurization of the work until 63MPA . After the work, open the switch to unload until the hydraulic oil back to the end, remove the quick connector sleeve, spin a good deflated nut, unplug the power, the switch off. Electric hydraulic pump maintenance precautions 1, the pump uses 20 oil. 2, storage capacity must be within the scope of the oil window. 3, each refueling and oil change, you must use more than 80 mesh oil filter, replace the need to wash the fuel tank. Oil change period of six months. 4, the working oil temperature of 10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. 5, before starting the electric pump to open the deflation nut, open the switch placed unloading position. 6, Found that the motor temperature is too high during use, should be discontinued. Self-cooling before use. 7, the pump has been adjusted before leaving the factory, not arbitrarily high profile, to be readjusted, you must use the pressure gauge. 8, high-pressure tubing factory into, after 105MPA test. However, due to easy aging hose, so the user should always check, usually six months, frequent use for three months, check 87.5MPA pressure test, if damaged, raised, leakage can not be used. 9, bearing cleaning generally six months, the assembly need to add grease. Search Keyword: More Pumps Technical Articles Bearing Pumps Product Information